Wouldn't Be Here Without

You're probably getting tired of hearing about the CD, and you're probably pretty sick of hearing about me, and you're probably getting pretty weary of that slop the lunch lady keeps flinging onto your tray, but some things are just unavoidable - they don't go away. Sorry.

Actually, I want to take some time to point out out everybody who was involved in helping me make this record that wasn't me. There was a lot of great help and that made it a lot of great fun and I truly could not have done it without these people.

Chad - bassist extraordinaire, idea man, master of ceremonies, working-titler of songs, I owe you more than 100 Jimmy John's sandwiches for everything you've done.

Bruce - guitarist, ukilelist, banjoist, vocalist, provider of gear and rehearsal space and always ready for a new song - thank you!

Jamin - mandolin guy, you added so much to this record! I look forward to many more songs together.

Rodger - I had no idea how hard it is to find a good pedal steel player and you made it easy. Thanks for all your help with the songs and the photos and just being easy-going about the whole thing.

Jeff - you brought your all-around musical talent and some great drums and a sweet accordion and you pitched in idea after idea - thanks again!

Dad - thanks for singing with me and even more for putting this love of music in me a long time ago.

Emily - you're a great friend and your contributions to these songs was exactly what I heard in my mind.

Suzi - when you sing with us, every song becomes 100 times better, and your contribution was far more than the title track you were recorded on.

Chris - thanks for providing the great place to record, the great gear, for pushing the buttons, and for being fun to hang out with the whole time. And for not blackmailing with a picture of me dancing with that old lady.

Peter - your mixing and editing worked magic on our home-cooked batches of sound. Looking forward to playing with you on the drums.

Dee - your presence is all over these recordings while you were in Japan chasing that wave. Thank you for inspiring me.

Here are some pictures of everybody.

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God bless pedal steel guitars and the Rodger’s that play them! Nice album KB!

10/16/2007 04:21 PM

well benny, its always a pleasure. -love hearing your new creations hot off the press

10/16/2007 06:55 PM

good luck tomorrow benny, i know you’ll be amazing!

10/22/2007 12:17 AM

Here’s some pics of the CD release show.

10/26/2007 02:31 PM

Ben, Thanks for the CD. Listened to it on the way home from the JAM today. Enjoyed every song. Very well put together!! Keith

Keith Krisher
10/27/2007 01:01 PM