When You Stopped Loving Me, So Did I

When I said that last song was inspired by James Hand, this is the song I was referring to.

It's probably unfortunate for you that the songs that make me the happiest are the saddest. Don't come around here if sunshine and flowers and ice cream light your proverbial fires. Actually, I take that back.

i like it a lot!!!!! awe…ben. good stuff.

04/16/2008 02:04 AM

you know what they call sad songs that make you feel good, they’re called the blues. nothin’ better that the blues!

05/12/2008 05:48 AM

I am honored that you chose one of my songs. Remember, some folks like bright sunny days, others prefer rainclouds and thunderstorms. You and I are the latter and that ain’t bad. Keep up the good work Ben.

05/15/2008 07:39 AM

Just listened to your CD, Russ bought a copy for me and I loved it so much I’m buying one for a friend. “Love More” and “Pillows and Blankets” are particularly great.

Ryan Stockwell
05/19/2008 11:37 AM