Seven Shades Of Blue

Some news in the form of an ordered list because that’s how the cool guys do it:

A) I have some photos from my San Diego trip up now.

B) I just finished “Seven Shades of Blue”. You can download it.

C) I plan to do another Monkey Wrench in that long-forgotten series soon.

D) Anna sent me a funny hilarious laughter-inducing website about ninjas.

E) This schmuck insists that BOSE sound equipment sucks and would love to argue about it.

F) The PalmOne Treo 600 rules.

G) A panda bear walks into a bar. He orders a ham sandwich and munches it down contently. He then proceeds to stand up, pull out a shotgun, and shoot several patrons, before calmly walking out. A stunned customer runs frantically to the bartender and asks what is going on. The bartender takes out a dictionary, looks up the definition of panda bear, and points to it: Panda Bear – Eats chutes and leaves.

Good music, man. I'm impressed. Let me know if you ever need me to "lay down some keys."

I really like this.

BOSE doesn't suck, but it costs a lot of money for what it is.
01/20/2005 01:48 PM
Yo fool, thanks for copying my joke.

Second, it's eats "shoots" not chutes. :)

Like Bamboo Shoots, not Chutes and Ladders.
01/20/2005 02:27 PM
oh, highs, no lows, it must be BOSE.
01/20/2005 02:27 PM
Thanks, B-Rad.

Eric: I have no intention of correcting it unless you pay me $50. Chutes looks cooler.
01/20/2005 03:06 PM
A "chute" is a slope (thus Chutes and Ladders), but in defense of Ben, I have seen "chute" used in reference to bamboo. It may be grammatically incorrect, but it's certainly not uncommon.
01/20/2005 03:06 PM
Not to be Mr. Grammar or anything, but I vote for "shoots." Also, my dictionary says the adverb form of "content" is "contentedly." Love your site!
01/22/2005 03:30 PM
Ah, man, 'contentedly' is right on! And I'm pretty sure I should have known that, too. Oh well. And Brad, to give credit where it's due, that sweet photo was taken by ToneStar. Thanks for stopping by my site, Del!
01/22/2005 03:55 PM
Where do I send the 50???
02/01/2005 02:20 AM