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when you see them
coming round the bend
tell them again
tell them for me
I was always
happy as a lark
a barking dog
out in the yard
a boat at sea
tell my friends
to sing the way they did
the way I asked them to for me
I'll be looking down and singing
if down is where
you look from where I'll be

let them sit in circles
let there be guitars
and honesty
if there's any cryin'
tell them tears will only
make it hard to see
seeing is believing
tell them I believe
that dyin' sets you free
I hope all my friends
are loved as much
as all the love
they gave to me

if there's any justice
in the world,
the world will miss
my company
let this be a lesson
that there's not
and that
there's never gonna be
so if there's any missing
going on
don't let it be for
missing me
but I'm gonna miss
all of my friends
and above all,
I'll miss Marie

tell all of my friends
I miss them so
and tell Marie
I hate to go