Lay Down Beside Me

There's nobody I owe more for influencing the sound of my music right now than Don Williams. So here's my cover of this most delicious of his songs, in honor of the upcoming Valentine holiday.

Also, tip of the ol' ten-gallon to Jamin for sending me this song awhile back.

Don is the bomb!

02/11/2008 08:38 PM

Ahh! A man after my heart. Sounds great!!!

02/12/2008 05:38 AM

I love this song! One of my favs of don williams!

02/12/2008 03:36 PM

Hooray for Don Williams.

02/12/2008 10:24 PM

Is that Stewie on the harmonies?

02/17/2008 10:32 AM

Dave, that’s what I asked! I’ve noticed that Ben sounds more and more like Dad, especially when he sings harmony. I think it’s a good thing!

02/17/2008 05:27 PM

Wow! I didn’t even think of that “sister”!! Either way, I like it!

02/18/2008 11:02 PM