Electron Rain

Tap tap. Testing One Two. Tap. Tap. Check check.

Such are the disadvantages to this medium of communication that I have to make sure it still works every time I try it. It feels like this little space of web is like a wall I spray random and mediocre graffiti onto about every thirty days before some brauny five-oh named Get Over It catches me in the act and sends me on my way back to obscurity and a few curious bystanders kinda nod and smile a little bit and then in time the electron rain comes and washes the graffiti into a little gutter named Archive.

But here I go again. For anybody interested in what I've been up to lately.

I just got back from a few days out in San Diego, or more accurately, the less romantic and more desert Escondido. The usual suspects and I played a lot of music, which was really really fun, and I hope I get to do it again. I ran my first 10k. We played some volleyball and ate some seafood. Some pictures of the trip from Amanda, Eric, Damon, and myself.

I saw North Dakota boy Tom Brosseau open for Amiina tonight at the Varsity Theater and talked to him awhile afterwards. He's really really good at what he calls his 'brand' of music.

I have a couple of new songs written on my new piano and maybe I'll finish recording them soon, which is starting to sound like a threat I never really follow through with, isn't it?

Update: Late notice - show next week, Saturday, March 31, 7:30 PM. Columbia Grounds, 3301 Central Avenue NE, Minneapolis MN.

Even though you only post every 30 days or so, it’s like poetry. Mine on the other hand is more like spew.

Thanks for coming out and enjoying our great city :).

03/22/2007 10:31 PM

Thanks for hauling me around your great city for the anti scavenger hunt.

03/23/2007 06:55 AM