Back when I made the record - I say 'record' when I mean 'CD' because I'm more hip than you - I found great guys to play drums and pedal steel on Craigslist. It's an awesome site for musicians these days, whether you're looking for a hammer dulcimer wizard, a producer, or a 1955 microphone for that vintage sound.

And that's where I got this idea, I guess. I'd like to post a bunch of Craigslist ads that say I'm looking for a singer/songwriter, a guitarist, a bass player, a drummer, a pedal steel player, a banjo player, a female vocalist, and etc to play some classic country music for a little project. Then, I'll have them all meet at my house at a set time and they'll set up their gear and start playing. Eventually, I figure they'll start to look at me where I'm just lounging on the sofa and ask me something like, "So what will you do, then?"

And I'll say, "Me? I just sit here and listen to classic country music, thanks!"

And I bet you could do this a bunch of times, for whatever kind of music you'd like to hear live right at your own house, before they'd start to catch on.

That is awesome!

06/22/2008 04:16 PM

Yea, but artists are like trying to herd cats. Metaphor for making them play the same song in tune. But it’s a good idea, i just suggest a public area where you can ditch them if they stink.

06/23/2008 03:35 PM

haha…thats a great thought…I wonder if they would even care if you just sat there? Actually it may be funny when they started covering ur own songs.

06/24/2008 07:54 PM

That is both funny and the model used by record label producers. In the scenario you described, the musicians would eventually catch on; in the latter scenario, they have yet to catch on.

06/29/2008 08:39 PM

Good plan. I guess after you implement it the only difference between you and me is that after you put your pants on in the morning you make gold records. Don’t forget to ask for a professional cowbell player for every gig. I hear they kinda are essential to a hit these days.

07/19/2008 08:58 PM