Back when I made the record - I say 'record' when I mean 'CD' because I'm more hip than you - I found great guys to play drums and pedal steel on Craigslist. It's an awesome site for musicians these days, whether you're looking for a hammer dulcimer wizard, a producer, or a 1955 microphone for that vintage sound.

And that's where I got this idea, I guess. I'd like to post a bunch of Craigslist ads that say I'm looking for a singer/songwriter, a guitarist, a bass player, a drummer, a pedal steel player, a banjo player, a female vocalist, and etc to play some classic country music for a little project. Then, I'll have them all meet at my house at a set time and they'll set up their gear and start playing. Eventually, I figure they'll start to look at me where I'm just lounging on the sofa and ask me something like, "So what will you do, then?"

And I'll say, "Me? I just sit here and listen to classic country music, thanks!"

And I bet you could do this a bunch of times, for whatever kind of music you'd like to hear live right at your own house, before they'd start to catch on.
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